[time-nuts] Rcvrs/xmtrs that can slave to frequency standards

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Feb 5 17:21:50 EST 2006

Tim Shoppa said the following on 02/05/2006 05:05 PM:
> I discover that I am in posession of a WJ-8716 which happens to have a
> BNC on the back for an external 1MHz reference. I also have a Z3801A
> that makes 10MHz. Is it as simple as turning the 10MHz PECL into TTL,
> dividing by ten (e.g. 7490), and feeding this into the WJ-8716?

Hi Tim --

The thing you may need to watch for is whether the receiver is happy
with a square wave input.  Depending on the design, it may need a clean
sine wave.  My recollection may be wrong, but I think I once tried to
feed a square wave into my HP 3586C selective level meter, which is
essentially a receiver, and the results weren't pretty.

If that's the case, a divider followed by a low pass filter should do
the trick.


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