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Don Mimlitch donmeis at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 22:33:24 EST 2006

I acquired a TrueTime GPS-TMS on eBay with no Specs and could not find a manual anywhere.
  I have manage to work out the specs by tracing the Circuits and  comparing it with other Truetime Systems. It seems to match the  TrueTime XL-AK Time and Frequency Receiver most closely.
  Here are the specs I worked up. I know several members were interested in this.
               TrueTime GPS-TMS (Model 505-104)
                        Feb 12 2006
                  Summary by Don Mimlitch
                     donmeis at yahoo.com
  The GPS-TMS is similiar to the TrueTime GPS-XL-AK Time and Frequency
  Receiver (Model 600-000). The manual for the GPS-XL is available at:
  as of Feb 12 2006. This manual is dated Sep 17, 2001.
  The GPS-XL has a Firmware version of:
  TRUETIME Mk III sys ver 020 GPS-XL V1.036   182-6017v011
  The GPS-TMS is probably very similiar to the TrueTime Mk III GPS-DC 
  Receiver, since the Firmware Version on the GPS-TMS is:
      TRUETIME Mk III sys ver 13t Mark III GPS-TM 505-3000v004
  However, I have not found a manual for the Mk III GPS-DC.
  The GPS-TMS does not Have the Following GPS-XL Functionality:
      Key Pad Operation
      LCD Display
  The GPS-TMS supports the Following GPS-XL Options:
      SLOW CODE OUTPUT? (see F17) (may have internal Connection)
  The GPS-TMS only supports the GPS-XL Functions Listed below.    
  The following GPS-XL Functions are NOT supported: 
      F07*, F14*, F28*, F29*, F52, F56, F68, F69, F72, F73
      * These Functions are Optional on the GPS-XL
  TrueTime GPS-TMS Specifications:
  Firmware Version:
      TRUETIME Mk III sys ver 13t Mark III GPS-TM 505-3000v004
  Power Requirements:
       +5V DC << 3A
      +15V DC <  0.5A
      -15V DC <  0.5A
  9V DC Battery Backup CMOS Memory.
      MAXIM MAX690EPA Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
      Dallas Semiconductor DS1210 Nonvolatile Controller Chip
      Motorola MCM60L256AFC 32Kx8 Bit CMOS Static RAM
      Maxim ICL7663ACPA Positive Voltage Linear Regulator (9V to 3V)
  5-Pin DIN Power Connector - Female (like old PC Keyboard DIN)
      Pin 1 = Ground          o(Black)
      Pin 4 = -15V DC        o (Blue)
      Pin 2 = Not Connected  o
      Pin 5 = +15V DC        o (Orange)
      Pin 3 =  +5V DC         o (Red)
      Power Supply:POWERBOX SPU41-14E 5v -15v 15v 
      has a Din Plug with the proper Pin Out and works 
      perfectly with the GPS-TMS. (Check eBay)
      1 PPS        1 Pulse Per Second Square Wave (TTL)
      1K PPS        1K Hz Square Wave (TTL)
      IRIG-B        Modulated 1K Hz Sine Wave (see IRIG-B Specs)
                  Currently on eBay (02/12/2006) an number of
                  TrueTime Odetics Air Force IRIG-B Time Display
                  This unit works perfectly with the GPS-TMS
      PULSE OUT    Program Controlled Output Pulse (See F26)
      TRIG IN        Unknown Functionality.
      RS-232        Standard RS-232 DB25M Serial Port
              (See Serial Port Configuration below)
      ANTENNA INPUT    RS485 DB15F input from some GPS Receiver Antenna
          Pin 15    0V    Pin 7 TL082CP Out 2nd JFET Op Amp (N/C) 
          Pin 14    2.7V    Pin 8 DS9639A A+ input Rs422 Recv 1PPS+
          Pin 13    2.7V    Pin 7 DS9639A A- input Rs422 Recv 1PPS-
          Pin 12    15V    +15V Power Supply
          Pin 11    15V    +15V Power Supply
          Pin 10    0V    Gnd
          Pin 9    0V    Gnd
          Pin 8    5V    +5V Power Supply
          Pin 7    5V    Pin 5 SN75179B Y+ output Rs422 Xmit
          Pin 6    0V    N/C?
          Pin 5    5V    Pin 8 SN75179B Z- output Rs422 Xmit
          Pin 4    11.5V    +12V LM317 Positive Voltage Regulator
          Pin 3    2.2V    Pin 7 SN75179B B- input Rs422 Recv
          Pin 2    2.2V    Pin 8 SN75179B A+ input Rs422 Recv
          Pin 1    0V    Gnd
      J1    Unused BNC Hole may be supported on Board.
  Serial Port Configuration
  There is a set of 8 Jumpers on the Antenna Board which can
  be jumpered as either Open or Closed. (I'm still investigating
  these jumper settings)
      baud    BAUD1  BAUD2  BAUD4
      9600    open   open   open (Current Setting)
      300    closed open   open
      600    open   closed open
      1200    closed closed open
      2400    open   open   closed
      4800    closed open   closed
      unused    open   closed closed
      19200    closed closed closed
      parity    PARITY EVEN   8BITS
      7even?    open   open   open
      ?    closed open   open
      ?    open   closed open
      7even?    closed closed open (Current Setting)
      7even?    open   open   closed
      ?    closed open   closed
      7even?    open   closed closed
      ?    closed closed closed
      code    CODE1  CODE2 (Possibly for Flow Control?)
      ?    open   open
      ?    closed open
      ?    open   closed
      ?    closed closed (current Setting)
  The Windows HyperTerminal should be Configured as follows:
      Emulation: VT100
      Port Settings
          Bits per Second: (see BAUD Jumpers)
          Data Bits: (see 8Bit Jumper)
          Parity: (see Parity Even/Odd Jumpers)
          Stop Bits: 1
          Flow Control: None
                          Hardware (but HyperTerminal may lockup)
      ASCII Setup
          Echo typed characters locally
  Serial Port Commands for GPS-TMS
  When the unit is first turned on it will display
  continuous Time once per Second (see command F08).
  Enter a Ctrl-C to enter Command Mode.
  function   Description/Examples
  F01    Time Zone Offset
      F01 +00:00 (for UTC)
      F01 -05:00 (for EST)
  F02    12/24 Hour Format
      F02 24
      F02 12
  F03    Time & Date
      F03  UTC 02/11/06 20:06:30
      Can be used to set the Real Time Clock.
  F05    Time-Quality Setup
      F05 ON  00000010000 00000100000 00010000000
  F06    Keypad Lock?
      F06 OFF
      F06 ON
  F08    Continuous Time Once-per-Second
      (enter Ctrl-C to enter Command Mode)
      Will broadcast time every second in the format
      DDD - Day of Year
      HH  - Hour of Day
      MM  - Minute of Hour
      SS  - Second of Minute
      q   - Quality of Time
             ? - No Satellite Lock
         Space - Less than Thresshold 1 (see F05)
             . - Greater than Threshold 1
             * - Greater than Threshold 2
             # - Greater than Threshold 3
             ? - Greater than Threshold 4 (May only have 3 Thresholds)
  F09    Time on Request    
      (enter "T" to get Time)
      (enter Ctrl-C to enter Command Mode)
  F11    Time Output Format
  F13    Time Error
      F13 40.000000000
  F15    Exclusive Use Enable
      F15 OFF
      F15 SELF
  F17    Slow Code Setup (Not sure what Output this Controls)
      F17 02 04 06
  F18    Software Version Request
      TRUETIME Mk III sys ver 13t Mark III GPS-TM 505-3000v004
  F26    Programmable Pulse Output (set Pulse for Pulse Out BNC) 
      F26 000:00:00:00.000 000:00:00:00.000    (Off)
      F26 XXX:XX:XX:XX.000 XXX:XX:XX:XX.200    1PPS 200ms Duration
  F50    Latitude Longitude Request/Set
      F50 S 00d00'0.0" W 000d00'0.0"     0m pdop 0.00m
      F50 N 41d11'13.0" W 073d25'52.5" 0m
  F51    GPS Antenna Cable Delay
  F53    GPS Operation Mode
      F53 SURVEY
      F53 TIME
      F53 AUTO
  F55    Units of Altitude
      F55 METERS
      F55 FEET
  F60    GPS Receiver Satellite List
      F60 NONE
  F65    Satellite Select
      F65 SELECT ALL
      F65 SELECT 02 18 13
      F65 DESELECT 04 07
  F66    Daylight Savings Time Mode
      F66 OFF
      F66 ON
  F71    Oscillator Statistics
      F71 offset=  0.000E+00  drift=  0.000E+00
  F79    Warm Start (for Trimble SVeeSix GPS Core Module?)
  Dallas Semiconductor DS9639ACN Dual Dffierential Line Receiver
  Maxim ICL7663ACPA Positive Voltage Linear Regulator
  Texas Instruments SN75179BP Differential Driver and Receiver Pair
  Texas Instruments TL082CP JFET-INPUT Operational Amplifiers
  Intel P82C54-2
  Motorola MC2861P
  PS. I'm not sure if I can leave attachments on this board. The specs  are better with the tabs etc. and I also have the TrueTime XL-AK Manual.
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