[time-nuts] Thought experiment on a low cost timing board

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sat Feb 25 19:16:05 EST 2006

>  What prompted this in the first place was the horrible temperature
> sensitivity my soekris boxes exhibit - I can only keep them to within
> 10us of the gps 95% of the time and the occasional 100us excursion is
> not uncommon.   I want to be stable to the limit of the gps I'm using
> -  for no other reason than the belief that I can do it for way less
> than  commercial devices using open source software and low cost
> hardware.  In  other works I'm hacking for the sake of it :-) 

Is there a temperature sensor on the Soekris box?  Is it located anywhere 
near the crystal?

Good read on that topic:

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