[time-nuts] Single Board Computer for PIC/Timing experimenters

xaos xaos at arachne.darksmile.net
Mon Feb 27 21:47:09 EST 2006

Hello everyone,

My company, GS3 Technologies Inc., is running
a promotion for a PIC based, Single Board Computer
Development System.

Anyone who registers (only email address required)
at our website:


will be eligible to win. The drawing will be on March 1st.

The Development System comes complete with a motherboard,
separate prototyping board, and networking software.

The software is a complete implementation of: TCP/IP, ICMP,
DHCP, Telnet, HTTP and most importantly (to the members here), NTP.

The motherboard also has features specific to timing
which I'm sure will be appreciated here.

The complete source code for everything is also included!

The winner will get all this and we'll even pay for shipping.

A similar system will also be given away at the Dayton Hamvention,
by TAPR.

In the future, we will be introducing other time/frequency specific
products such as: IRIG-B Boards, GPS Disciplined Signal Generators,
Distribution Amplifiers, Frequency measurement systems, etc.

Thank you to all the members and especially John for allowing me to post

George Hrysanthopoulos, N2FGX
GS3 Technologies, Inc.

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