[time-nuts] Trimble GPS ignored the leapsecond!

Geoff geoff36 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 07:25:14 EST 2006

Earlier I reported:

"A Trimble SV6 GPS did NO leapsecond correction in NMEA mode, rebooting the
GPS in TAIP mode - it is now in sync with UTC!"

In fact the Trimble SV6 did the leap-second correction 25 seconds early!

Looking back at the NMEA log-file for the SV6, there were two timestamps in 
sequence with a timestamp of 23:59:34 so the time was 1 second slow before 
00:00:00 and correct thereafter.

Earlier when I inspected the logfile, I  expected something to happen near 
00:00:00, not 25 seconds before!

It is an old GPS receiver - but an example of how firmware can have unusual 

Regards, Geoff Hitchcox, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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