[time-nuts] Help w/integration problem

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Jan 2 14:42:33 EST 2006

> Yes, the magic happends between (11) and (12). The integration is
> 0 to infinity
> and not -infinity to infinity, since we already know it mirrors arround 0.
> Mind you that these are twice the power, not twice the amplitude.
> The energy at
> fc-f will have the same energy and be coherent to the energy at
> fc+f, so these
> energies add up perfectly. There is a special-case when you can't
> argue like
> this, but we can look the other way here and pick out the real reference
> literature when we need to.

Thanks; you're right, given the integration limits in the Maxim note, their
way makes more sense.

> > On page 7 of the Zarlink app note, the x2 factor is left
> outside the radical
> > sign:
> >
> > 	RMS = sqrt(sum) * 2
> Looks like sloppy work to me compared to the Maxim paper, which gives
> motivation to the formulas.

Agreed.  I'll leave the *2 operation inside the radicand.  Much appreciate
the help!

-- john, KE5FX

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