[time-nuts] Jupiter GPS receiver

Geoff geoff36 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 18:35:57 EST 2006

Hello Mike,

> Can someone point me to the source where the"known fault" of the Jupiter
> listed below is documented??

Google has a "cached" copy of a discussion that I participated in, back in 
Feb 2004.
Try this URL, I think it should work:


It contains the statement from Navman (the current manufacturers) 
acknowledging the NMEA issue.

Mike, I have no "details" about what make or model of the Jupiter this NMEA 
issue applies to. It may be generic from the first Rockwell unit to Navman, 
all I raise is a question mark regarding the NMEA timestamps with the 

If you have a Jupiter and can generate an NMEA logfile over a few days Mike, 
I wrote a simple utility that can race through an NMEA logfile and find any 
"sequence" errors in the time (like the Jupiter can make). If you wanted to 
test yours I would be happy to send you the wee app (DOS but runs under 

Regards, Geoff.

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