[time-nuts] Help - Hope?

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Tue Jan 3 08:28:57 EST 2006

It's interesting that this is the same discussion the ham radio 
community has been having for years now, as we've seen the kids that 
used to become hams diverted to computer-based activities.

While I don't personally have a great talent for bringing youngsters in, 
I'm happy that organizations like TAPR are bringing the two fields 
together and providing a reason for computer-oriented students to look 
into ham radio.  And, GnuRadio is an even better opportunity for 


Hal Murray wrote:
>>I can't see too many children being able to build circuits the way I
>>used to, since it will be very difficult/impossible to solder
>>components  together. That must have a knock-on effect later in life,
>>since nobody  would have taken much interst in electronics as a child,
>>since they were  unable to make anything. 
> I'll bet kids can find other neat things to do.  The world is different not 
> better/worse.
> I didn't write any software when I was a kid.  Assembling a robot and 
> programming it seems like it would be fun.
>>Perhaps circuits published in magazines will need to use power
>>transistors, just so they are of a size that is practical to construct
>> without specialist tools and skill. Perhaps children of the future
>>will  have to build your own 741 out of a bunch of 2N3055's. 
> I don't have any troubles getting transistors in TO-92 packages.
> I think the emphasis will change from building X from scratch to building 
> what it takes to interface something to sensors and control gizmos.

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