[time-nuts] Help - Hope?

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Tue Jan 3 13:43:46 EST 2006

> In my opinion, the only obstacle to becoming an
> electronics hobbyist is the same one that has always
> been there, and that is interest.  If you are interested,
> you will find a way to play.

Just look at what people have done with the ZipIt.  They have wired
serial ports into it (by soldering onto surface mount resistors).
They have even added a MMC/SD card by hijacking some of the gpio pins
that have come out (again, by soldering onto surface mount resistors)
and hot-glueing the MMC/SD socket to the RF shielding.

http://elinux.org/wiki/ZipIt contains all the details.

Or look at all the TiVO hacking done, despite efforts to stop it.

Or the iOpener hacking a few years ago.

Or any of a dozen other Linux boxes that people have posted how-tos on
burning new firmware.

Hacking is alive and well.  People are willing to do it.  It is a heck
of a lot different than when we were young, but the same spirit lives


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