[time-nuts] Help - Hope?

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Tue Jan 3 17:20:39 EST 2006

"Bill Hawkins" <bill at iaxs.net> wrote:
> The thing is, we have lost the 7-12 group, the Boy Electricians, the
> Gilbert chemistry sets and the magic of radio. TV promised to be an
> exceptional teaching tool, but selfish people with an unending greed
> turned it into a behavioral modification tool to create consumers.

I can tell you that when NTSC broadcasts cease in the next couple of
years, my kids will no longer have access to TV at home.  And I think
that's a Good Thing.

I'd like to think that other kids will lose TV, but realistically
probably 90% of low-income kids already have satellite or cable or
HDTV at home.

> Kids learn early to concentrate on consumption and forget about how
> the world works. The people with the most influence on kids don't want
> consumers that know how to think, especially not creatively.

One very real problem: everything of "value" these days has
a sheen/style/flash on top, and things don't register with kids
without that sheen.


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