[time-nuts] Leap second

Juan Palacio jpalacio at roa.es
Wed Jan 4 02:30:54 EST 2006

Hello there,
In Spain the Leap second event has been widely covered by national and local
media. I have been interviewed by TV, radio and newspares to explain people
the reasons for the 'Leap second'. The main interest is centered in Canary
Islands; the difrence between Canary's time and UTC is zero now in winter,
so they must have into account the leap second, or entering a little bit
fast the New Year.
I would like, to cite the media showing interest. TV : Television Española,
Tele5, Canal Sur, IslaTV, EuropaPressTV. Some articles have appeared in the
following newspapers: El Pais, Diario de Cadiz, La voz de Cadiz. Live
interview in radio: Radio SER Cadiz and Radio COPE Cadiz. It is nice to have
interested people in time.
I am recording the output of some devices to capture the leap second
Greetings from Spain.

Juan Palacio 


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