[time-nuts] Help w/integration problem

Bill Janssen billj at ieee.org
Wed Jan 4 12:27:00 EST 2006

Didier Juges wrote:

>Visual Basic is the normal evolution for old Basic programs like yours. 
>You can directly reuse the source code for most of your algorithms, but 
>you will have to rewrite the user interface. VB makes it really easy to 
>generate a good looking visual interface that will make your program 
>look professional. Of course, VB is Windows only.
>The most popular versions (in my opinion, not a scientific study :-) are:
>1) VB 3.0, the oldest version that one might want to consider using 
>because it was quite popular and useful, and I happen to have an old 
>legitimate copy that I do not use anymore and I would be glad to let you 
>have it for you to play with (and do such silly things as convert your 
>old DOS BASIC programs...) if I can find it,
>2) VB 6.0, the one I am currently using most, because it is WIDELY 
>popular and used by a lot of professional software writers and very well 
>supported by various groups on the Internet, and
>3) VB.NET, the current version, where VB stands for Very Bloated. Nuf said.
>Being a MSDN licensee, I have access to all versions but I prefer VB 6.0 
>for general Windows software.
>Let me know if you are interested, I will dig up my old VB 3.0 disks.
>Didier KO4BB
Deleted mikes comments

>Mike Feher 
Are any of the versions of Visual basic still sold that will run on my 
machine running Win 98se ?
I could always go to DOS but hesitate to order a program and then find 
it won't work
on my computer, My workbench computer runs fine with 98se.

Bill K7NOM

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