[time-nuts] Jupiter GPS receiver

Johan Swenker Johan.Swenker at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 4 16:36:43 EST 2006

Bjorn Gabrielsson wrote:
> Didier Juges <didier at cox.net> writes:
>>What software do you use to interface the binary output to your NTP 
>>server? If it happens to be Linux software and the source code were 
>>available, I would be interested.
> ntpd/refclock_jupiter.c in the ntpd source tree.

That is the one I use. On my Debian system I had to make the following 
- patch the kernel using PPSkit (kernel 2.4.31, PPSkit 2.1.5)
- compile ntp myself as the Jupiter is not in the default configuration.
./configure --enable-clockctl --disable-all-clocks --enable-ATOM  \ 
--enable-JUPITER --enable-LOCAL-CLOCK --enable-NMEA --enable-SHM
- remove ntpdate from each and every location you can find it.
[reason: ntpdate uses an oldstyle systemcall. The result is equivalent 
to a new systemcall that effectivily disables ntpd]

I bought the Jupiter clock from http://www.gpskit.nl/ .

> For documentation read
>         http://www.cis.udel.edu/~mills//ntp/html/drivers/driver31.html


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