[time-nuts] Ok for thae manual BOB

Rob Kimberley time.bandit at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 5 07:15:08 EST 2006

Hi Luciano!

Thanks for the input!!

Will check and let you know how much this lot will cost to mail. Quite a
large package so fairly expensive I guess. Will get back shortly with cost.

All Austron manuals usually have schematics but the Datum 9390-53100 will

Back soon.


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Dear Bob,

You save my lab!!....

I need :
12812282 Antenna for 2200/2201 GPS			
2200 GPS
2200 GPS - Assorted module manual (very large!)				
2200 GPS - OCXO Module
2200 GPS - Rubidium Module
2200/2201 GPS - IEEE-488 Interface	
2200/2201 GPS - Input Buffer

2200/2201 GPS - Sine Output Module			
9390-53100 GPS	

Original or copy. Pse quote me shipping included.
Question are service manual schematics included?

Many thanks
Luciano P. S. Paramithiotti

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Following on from previous discussions, I have just compiled the attached
list of manuals that I have available. 

Prepared to sell at a nominal price to cover my costs (post and packing from
UK, plus any charges I incur on PayPal).

Kind Regards

Rob Kimberley
Time.bandit at btinternet.com

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