[time-nuts] GPS receiver replacements for UT+

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Thu Jan 5 08:53:39 EST 2006

"Charles S. Osborne" <cosborne at pari.edu> writes:

> If this has come up before, I must have missed it. Frequent lightning storms
> in summer keeps me in the hunt for these boards. Even with lightning
> protection on the coaxes the EMP still gets a few every year.

Ever tried a reradiating antenna to further separate the GPS from the
dangerous outside? Does such a solution have any technical drawbacks
wrt timing accuracy?

It might not be cheaper than to buy a new lowcost oem receiver board,
but if you want to protect hard to replace units it could be a

I have only used the "professional" type of kits like found here,


I know there is also a lower end market for use inside cars and the




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