[time-nuts] Quartz assisted pendulum clock.

Dennis O'Keefe okeefed at newpaltz.edu
Thu Jan 5 10:58:28 EST 2006

I don't have a electronic way to distribute this article, but will mail a 
photocopy to the first ten people who request them directly to me at

okeefed at newpaltz.edu

There are several diagrams and tables that would make a text-only copy 

Dennis O'Keefe
New Paltz, New York

> If you have an electronic copy of that I'd like to see it. I found a 
> text-only version, but would like to see the original.
> I believe he used a TCXO. I have a small French clock that sits on a 
> mantelpiece, I'd like to do that too, but getting power to it is not too 
> easy. My wife is not keen on wires going to it.
> I did think about solar power, or powering it from the pendulum itself, 
> but neither look too practical in my particular circumstances.
> I did wonder if its possible to put the electromagnet under the clock, 
> rather than inside it, but that will probably put too much wear on the 
> clock.
> You can probably cut down the power consumption by running the clock at 
> as accurate as possible (not slow) and using a bipolar pulse, rather 
> than a uni-polar one.
> Certainly an interesting idea.
> BTW, if you look at the sound produced by an old clock with a microphone 
> and scope, it is far from regular. I suspect the pendulum is more so 
> though.

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