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   It's basically a non-issue for timing receivers, because as you say
   you never see abov 12-13 SV's under even the best conditions.

   The one application where a 20 channel receiver "could" make a
   difference is in cold start performance as you have more channels to
   search with. This is always a hot button issue with navigation
   systems, such as in your car, etc.

   For the most part the subject is almost moot because the search
   algorithms of the newer receivers work much better. They come up
   plenty fast with 12 channels.

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   > Just curious on another topic : I have seen advertized GPS boards


   > capability, Given that, at least based on my direct experience, even

   > with

   a clear

   > horizon you rarely have 12 satellites in view, what does buy you

   > having


   > capability available? TNX.

   Those are Glonass + GPS receivers.



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