[time-nuts] Some More questions

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Thu Jan 19 01:35:33 EST 2006

In message <43CF2281.4000304 at erols.com>, Chuck Harris writes:
>Didier Juges wrote:
>> One problem with that approach is that crystals that are not intended 
>> for oven operation are optimized for minimum frequency change over 0-50 
>> or some other "normal" environment temperature range, and at 75 degree C 
>> or wherever you are going to run the oven at, the temperature 
>> sensitivity might be much greater than around 25 degrees. So even though 
>> the oven might reduce the temperature variation by a factor of 10 or 
>> better, the overall frequency sensitivity may not improve by the same 
>> factor..
>Of course, one could take a small Peltier device, and a resistance heater,

Peltier elements work both ways so save the heater.

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