[time-nuts] Some More questions

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Thu Jan 19 03:32:38 EST 2006

> I agree. And I should have clarified - one uses a hair dryer to
> generally heat the ambient air nearby the device in question. You can
> use a thermometer to sense the external or internal case temperature
> to limit the temperature rise to 10 C or something sane. Do not, of
> course, blast the poor thing with 1500W of direct heat. 

I was thinking of a light bulb and a variac/dimmer.

> One problem with that approach is that crystals that are not intended 
> for oven operation are optimized for minimum frequency change over 0-50 
> or some other "normal" environment temperature range, and at 75 degree C 
> or wherever you are going to run the oven at, the temperature 
> sensitivity might be much greater than around 25 degrees. So even though 
> the oven might reduce the temperature variation by a factor of 10 or 
> better, the overall frequency sensitivity may not improve by the same 
> factor..

How about making a graph of freq vs temp for your crystal and see if there is 
a flat spot at a convenient temperature?

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