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>Their suggestion for a cheap environmental chamber is an old
>fridge where you keep the door closed.  After some weeks it
>will have reached a stable temperature relative to the room.

Heh.  Funny story about that.  Back in the early 80s when our amateur
packet radio club was setting up a high speed (56kbps!) wireless
network in the Atlanta area, I got the idea of using a refrigerator as
an environmental chamber.  We used a PC as the packet switch and it
required pretty good temperature control.  We'd been given a spot at
the 800 ft level of Ch 11's broadcast tower.  I realized that the
fridge would make a fine chamber.  The equipment heat would warm it in
winter and the refrigeration would cool it in summer.

Here are some photos of the fridge going up the tower:


The tower had a tiny elevator, too small to handle the 'fridge so we
slung it under the cab with rope.

Another guy in the group came up with another whacky idea.  We painted
a couple of paint cans black and glued them along with some black PVC
pipe to the refrigerator.  It looked like a giant handi-talkie!

That thing stayed up there about a year until one day when the news
chopper's live cam didn't have any blood'n'gore to broadcast.  He flew
around the tower zoomed in on the "handi-talkie" for a few minutes.

The station manager had a cow.  He vaguely knew that one of his
engineers was involved with amateur radio and was using the tower.  He
apparently didn't realize it involved a refrigerator.  He didn't give
us time to get it down properly so we went up one blustery winter day,
cut the fridge up with a demolition saw and pushed it over the side.
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