[time-nuts] CW12 the M12+ replacement?

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Sun Jan 22 08:52:55 EST 2006

perhaps of general interest:
I found an intersting note via "GPS-world", new for me, 
but perhaps already well known,

telling that the Motorola M12+ is now replaced 
by an improved version, the CW12  from Navsync. 
("Designed as a functionally equivalent replacement for the 
Motorola M12+ GPS timing receiver").

Is the original M12+ not anymore available?
Is that now the state of the art on GPS timing receivers? 
What about the 1pps stability in comparison to the original 
Does anybody have more informations or already gained
practical experiences?
Is this module already available for a reasonable price 
for a private experimenter?

The original announcement from Navsync: 

"NavSync releases the CW12 OEM GPS receiver to replace 
the Motorola M12+ Oncore GPS receiver product line."

"November, 2005
NavSync Release Motorola M12+ Replacement
Aurora, IL  NavSync Ltd, a leader in low signal strength GPS
solutions, has released a functionally equivalent replacement for
the M12+ GPS receiver previously available from Motorola. Based
on NavSyncs CW25 OEM GPS receiver, the CW12 offers positional
accuracy (5m RMS), timing (<25 nsec to UTC) and tracking
sensitivity (-158 dBm) improvements to the M12+. The device
runs off a 3.3V supply and provides standard NMEA 0183 data
stream, 1 pps output and a variable frequency output.
Pricing for CW12: $57 (1K pieces)
For more information contact NavSync"

kind regards, 

Arnold, DK2WT
Salem, Lake Constance, 

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