[time-nuts] Selecting server hardware (newbie question)

Nero Imhard nimh at pipe.nl
Sat Jan 28 07:11:22 EST 2006

On 28 jan , at 10:54, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> A Soekris NET4501, a bit of work with a soldering iron, an OCXO  possibly
> with a PLL to generate something roughly 33MHz and a GPS receiver
> will get you about as good a NTP server as money can buy and at a
> rock bottom price.

I am currently building precisely that (using an IsoTemp OCXO134-10).
However, the main problem I run into is my inability to find a source  for
the type of PLL chip that Poul-Henning is suggesting in his page (the
ICS525R-02I "OSCaR", which looks pretty ideal for this application).

Does anyone here have suggestions on where to get these chips, or does
anyone know an alternative PLL circuit with more easily obtainable  parts?


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