[time-nuts] 5061a tech question

Chuck Norton chuck at frequencystandards.com
Tue Jan 31 17:47:46 EST 2006

Hi Sebastian:
    The ones made in the eighties used a 0.8 amp fuse for the 230 volt
I know Manuals Plus has a web site and carry a lot of manuals. Don't know if
they have this one or not. To get the most accurate manual, you should look
look for one that covers the first 4 digits of your units serial numbers.
This is called the series number. All HP manuals have this listed on the
inside, usually on the first or second page. If you get a manual that covers
a higher series than yours, it will have backdating information in it. If
you get one lower, it can be quite a bit different from the one you have.
They made a LOT of revisions on these and quite a few different manuals.


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