[time-nuts] Z3816A and 19.6608 MHz

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Mon Jun 12 15:31:35 EDT 2006

I have an HP Z3816A GPS timing receiver. It has 4 of its output
connectors at 19.6608 MHz. I gather this was for cellular telephone

Just curious... 19.6608 MHz seems like an unusual frequency. Is there
some logical reason why that frequency was chosen for this application?
I see this is 12C0000 in hex (or 300 * 65536). I guess this may be part
of the reason. Would be pretty easy to divide down to 0.01 second

I've been thinking of trying to hack the circuit board to convert the
drive for these 4 outputs to also be at 10 MHz. I wonder if anyone else
has already done this and could save me a lot of circuit tracing.


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