[time-nuts] Z3816A and 19.6608 MHz

Javier javier at nebulosa.org
Mon Jun 12 15:39:22 EDT 2006


Not unusual at all. It is 4.9152 * 4 and also 6.5536 * 3, both quite 
common numbers :).  It easily divides to standard serial baud rates 
(38400 * 16 * 32 ).


Javier, EA1CRB

Rex wrote:

>I have an HP Z3816A GPS timing receiver. It has 4 of its output
>connectors at 19.6608 MHz. I gather this was for cellular telephone
>Just curious... 19.6608 MHz seems like an unusual frequency. Is there
>some logical reason why that frequency was chosen for this application?
>I see this is 12C0000 in hex (or 300 * 65536). I guess this may be part
>of the reason. Would be pretty easy to divide down to 0.01 second
>I've been thinking of trying to hack the circuit board to convert the
>drive for these 4 outputs to also be at 10 MHz. I wonder if anyone else
>has already done this and could save me a lot of circuit tracing.
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