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> Not a good idea.  The best thing you could do to improve
> temp stability of a 10811 is to tweak the resistors that
> proportion the power between the two heater transistors.
> At some ratio, the thermal gain will peak at over 1000
> typically.  If you just take pot luck, you would be lucky
> to do 100.  You are still limited by the tempco of the
> electronics, no matter what thermal gain you achieve at
> the crystal.
> You should also be aware that the 10811 is fairly humidity
> sensitive, which can seem like temperature sensitivity
> if the humidity and temperature change together.

So if the 10811 is placed in a temperature and humidity controlled 
environment it will do better-just don't apply lagging etc in close 
round the actual oven assy itself?

Presume the aim is to have the humidity as low as possible?

What about the room temperature?  I suppose the 'sweet point' depends 
on the indivdual 10811 unit?


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