[time-nuts] [hp_agilent_equipment] 5371A CRT problem

Jeroen Bastemeijer J.Bastemeijer at EWI.TUDelft.nl
Mon Jun 26 03:02:15 EDT 2006

Dear Steve,

I have a HP 5371A. Last year during a hot summer period the display went 
"wrong". The size of the displayed information started to blow up and 
collapse repeatedly. I suspected a thermal problem. This happened 
shortly before the manuals became available on the internet. So I did 
some "reverse engineering", a phone-call to Agilent  and searching on 
the internet. What I finally came up with, was resoldering the CRT-board 
(no fancy SMD-components there) and the unit worked fine. Maybe this can 
solve your problem.
Furthermore, the CRT-unit woks quite simple, with an oscilloscope you 
can check for the power supply (extreme ripple?) and synchronization 
signals. This might point out if the problem is in  the CRT unit or on 
the "graphics-card".

Good luck, best regards, Jeroen

John Day wrote:

>Oops! sorry fr the reply-all folks, resulted in a cross-post!
>The CRT controller in the 5371A is a stock standard Motorola MC6845P, 
>the timing is discussed in the theory of operation section and it 
>seems there is nothing more than two sync signals and a three level 
>video signal that goes to the CRT assembly.
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