[time-nuts] Some results of PRS10 and Trimble Resolution T

Erik Kroon ejkroon at hetnet.nl
Mon Jun 26 14:14:14 EDT 2006

Hello Said,

At this moment I have only a interval of 6 sec data for the PRS10.
Now a am measuring the output of the Trimble GPS.
After the measurement I will do a new PRS10 measurement using small 
I use the prefilter and a PT setting of 5. The powersupply I use is a linear 
I measure direct against a HP5071 corrected by a micro phase stepper and 
using a SR620.
The HP5071 is one of four clocks we also use for the calculation of UTC at 
our laboratory NMi VSL
I did not see your data, it was not in the mail.

Best regards,
Erik Kroon

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> Hello Erik,
> I recently measured my PRS10 as well.
> You can see a big hump (about 1.6E-011) at the 2s measurement  intervall.
> While this is within spec, does anyone know why the unit is so noisy at 
> that
> particular intervall? Is there a filter setting that would improve  this?
> Could this be power supply injected noise?
> I have set PT to 7, driving the unit with an Motorola M12+.
> I measured the ADEV with the new TSC5120A. Other oscillators I have 
> measure
> at around 1E-012 at 2s, so it's not a setup problem.
> Thanks,
> Said
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