[time-nuts] OT magazine scanning

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Sat Mar 4 19:27:31 EST 2006

John Day wrote:
> I think I have seen this topic discussed here some time ago.
> I have been receiving RF Design magazine for some years and I no 
> longer have space for them. They are not available on CD-ROM, so 
> maybe somebody here knows of a scanning service that could handle a 
> job like this? I am happy to sacrifice the mags to save the space, so 
> they can be cut to separate the pages.
> Any clues anybody?
> John

Some decent sized office photocopies will scan to pdf at fairly high 
rates. But as someone else said, they pdfs are not searchable.

I think personally I'd be tempted to go  through the mags and rip out 
any pages I think might just be useful. If you do that, along with all 
indexes, you can then have something you can thumb though when you want.

To do a job with OCR software etc it will take you a month of sundays 
(as we say in England).

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