[time-nuts] Rain, Water, etc

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Mon Mar 6 22:13:23 EST 2006

Na, rain drops in Seattle are usually small, compared to these big 
buckets we get down here in Florida :-)
Not unusual to see 3 to 6 inches/hour of rain over a short period of time.
That's the way it feels too if you are out when it happens...

Didier KO4BB

David Forbes wrote:

>Google led me to a paper written 10 years ago at by some folks at 
>Lincoln Labs that determined the GPS-rain delay value experimentally. 
>The paper is at
>and the results are up to 300 mm of delay to a GPS signal caused by 
>rain at MIT Haystack observatory and a few nearby places. That's on 
>the order of one nanosecond, so it's not much delay in the big scheme 
>of things. But there are places with more water in the air than 
>Boston, as has been pointed out. I think Seattle may qualify from 
>time to time.
>I personally can't offer much experimental data, since we haven't had 
>measurable rain in Tucson for six months now.

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