[time-nuts] Datum 9390 - Y2K update?

Doug Millar dmillar at moonlink.net
Tue Mar 7 01:59:03 EST 2006

If your 9390 comes up with the correct date by itself, it is Y2k OK. 
Be sure to check whether it is set for UTC or GPS time.

At 06:16 PM 3/6/2006, you wrote:
>I just purchased a Datum 9390 off EBay.  The seller is warning me 
>that she was told that the 9390's need some sort of update w/r/t Y2K 
>in order for it to operate.  The seller states (and the pticures 
>show) that the unit responds Self Test OK during power on.
>The seller is giving me the right to bow out of the sale if the unit 
>cannot work.  My main goal here is to develop a precise 1PPS and 
>millisecond tick.  To be able to pre-set the time and date would be 
>ideal but not ABSOLUTELY required.
>Advice, please!
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