[time-nuts] ...Conexant (Rockwell) Jupiter behaving strangely

Normand Martel martelno at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 7 07:44:07 EST 2006


I currently use a Conexant (Rockwell) Jupiter GPS
receiver to calibrate a standalone Oscilloquartz B541
OXCO as a local frequency standard, and, while being
less accurate that a professionnal GPS slaved
frequency standard, it far overmeets my needs.

The beauty with the Conexant Jupiter is that it
features a GPS precise 10kPPS (10kHz squarewave)
signal, which is by far easier to work with than the
well known 1PPS TIMEMARK found on most GPS receivers.

My problem with the 10kPPS signal is that it doesn't
lockup at each time the GPS receiver gets a fix if the
backup battery is plugged-in. If i remove the backup
battery, the 10kPPS signal locks-up everytime i cycle
the receiver's power and get a fix. One more thing:
The fix is good regardless of the 10kPPS lock
condition... This screws me up!

My temporary solution is to use the receiver without
the battery backup, but this gives me a lenghty TTFF
problem: The receiver takes a lot more time to get a
fix if i don't plug-in the battery. Have you worked
with this receiver and the 10 kPPS signal? Is there a
way i could get sure this signal locks-up with the GPS

When the receiver's 10kPPS doesn't lockup, it runs at
9998.8365 - 9998.8404 PPS, which is far more away than
the initial (turn-on) out-of-lock (10000.02PPS)

Thanks for your attention...

Normand Martel VE2UM
Montreal, Canada

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