[time-nuts] Datum 9390 - Y2K update?

Rob Kimberley time.bandit at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 7 17:18:35 EST 2006

The GPS Week rollover occurred in August 1999. Depending on when the actual
9390-XXX was made, there may or may not have been a firmware fix (I know
that some 9390 units required new GPS receiver boards). Unfortunately the
situation is complicated as Datum was acquired by Symmetricom, and a lot of
the older products now have limited or no support.

You need to contact Symmetricom Customer Service with the model and serial
number to see if they can help. I do have old colleagues from the Datum
Timing group who now work elsewhere, who may have further information.


Rob Kimberley

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> What type of Y2K 'upgrade' does this unit need?

Have you poked around on google?

I forget the details.  A while ago, some field in the GPS data format rolled
over.  It's similar to the Y2K problem, but GPS specific.  Something like
the number of weeks since the program started.  Looks like the firmware
wasn't ever updated.  I assume that's an old unit.

Does anybody know if it's possible/easy to fixup the date coming out of
units with that bug by adding a constant fudge factor?

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