[time-nuts] OSA 8600 Oscillators

Jean-Louis Oneto Jean-Louis.Oneto at obs-azur.fr
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I found this block diagram on a russian page at:
(most of it is in Cyrillic, but if you click on "86", then on "860" on next 
page then you find the datasheet with thi schematics on the second page of a 
list under OCXO8600)
By any chance, would anybody knows the specifications of the 8601 ? I only 
found the 8600 and the 8607 on OSA site (and they are very similar).
73 to all,
Jean-Louis Oneto
OCA GEMINI - Avenue Copernic - 06130 Grasse - France
e-mail: Jean-Louis.Oneto at obs-azur.fr
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> The PDF says that nothing contacts the crystal, which implies capacitive
> coupling. Interesting.
> Oscilloquartz is part of the Swatch group. It has been in the business of
> time synchronization for more than 20 years. All that I could learn from
> their web site is that they are proud of their BVA crystal technology, 
> which
> was announced in 1982.
> Does anyone know anything about the technology?
> Hans, is it possible that you are associated with Oscilloquartz?
> Regards,
> Bill Hawkins
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