[time-nuts] Allan Deviation Tool

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Wed Mar 15 20:12:02 EST 2006

Someone asked a few weeks ago about a tool to
compute Allan deviation. There are quite a few that
I use, but here's a write-up about a simple windows
command line tool that I use.


With one day's worth of data from a cesium standard
and an HP 53131A the tool does this for you:

C:\tvb> adev1 < log23202.txt 1
** Sampling period: 1 s
** Phase data scale factor: 1.000e+000
** Total phase samples: 86400
       1 tau, 6.0265e-010 adev(n=86398),
       2 tau, 2.8217e-010 adev(n=43198),
       5 tau, 1.0314e-010 adev(n=17278),
      10 tau, 5.3691e-011 adev(n=8638),
      20 tau, 2.6617e-011 adev(n=4318),
      50 tau, 1.1052e-011 adev(n=1726),
     100 tau, 5.6781e-012 adev(n=862),
     200 tau, 3.0238e-012 adev(n=430),
     500 tau, 1.3804e-012 adev(n=171),
    1000 tau, 8.0011e-013 adev(n=85),
    2000 tau, 6.0141e-013 adev(n=42),
    5000 tau, 2.3656e-013 adev(n=16),
   10000 tau, 1.4069e-013 adev(n=7),
   20000 tau, 8.3392e-014 adev(n=3),

If you have questions or trouble with it contact me off-list.


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