[time-nuts] Wavecrest DTS-2070C

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Thu Mar 16 03:03:05 EST 2006

Dear Masamichi-san,
thanks so much for the information.
The DTS series uses an internal Vectron 100MHz OCXO with very low jitter  
specs (<3ps). This OCXO is connected with an SMA-to-SMA cable to the  backplane 
PCB, so it would be very easy to feed an external 100MHz signal into  the unit 
by drilling two holes, and adding an external feedthrough of the 100MHz  
I bought one DTS-2050 on Ebay for <$1000, sometimes you can get  really good 
BTW: I have one spare Vectron 100MHz model 224-8647-1 oscillator from a  
DTS-2070C if anyone is in need of one.
I called Wavecrest, and they want several 1000's of $$ for the GigaView  
software; all I am looking for is a way to get the time measurements into a text  
file to use i.e. Tom's Allan Deviation command line tools etc.
I guess I will have to write a GPIB driver myself once I find some time  :)
Also, do you know what the serial port on the unit is used for? I can't  find 
any info if it can be used to control the unit. Using the serial port I  
could save myself the money for a GPIB PCI card...
Will check out the HP5372A's now.

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