[time-nuts] a little OT

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Thu Mar 16 23:19:23 EST 2006

Thanks for the stats. That prompted me to look at my own stats, just to 
make sure... This is a little OT, but I promise I wont do it again for a 
while :-)

Rob's briefing  (and a number of manuals) is also hosted at 

I have provided 5.3 GB of data this month so far, 4.3 GB being pdf 
files, and a total of over 20 GB since January. My contract allows me 1 
TB for the year, so I have a way to go before I have to upgrade :-) Big 
hitters are the HP 8656A, 8672A and 8673B synthesizer service manuals, 
and the Tek 453 scope's service manual.
I have been quite happy with my service provider, which has given me 
outstanding availability in the 2 years I have been with them.

I find it interesting that Mozilla and Netscape together now account for 
about 20% of the traffic on my site.

Didier KO4BB

John Day wrote:

>Robs briefing file saasm coml brfg 7-04.pdf (very interesting 
>actually!) can now be found at:
>http://nm2.org/files/saasm coml brfg 7-04.pdf
>Anyone else in the group with files or manuals that need hosting can 
>let me know and I will put the files there. The only thing at nm2.org 
>right now is files and manuals for this group and the hp-agilent 
>equipment group. Last month a mere 2.2gb of data was transferred, 
>which is in fact only about 1% of the transfers on that particular 
>machine - so I am quite happy to maintain it.
>Since June 2005 when I started hosting the manuals there has 
>been  43,602 completed downloads from over 130,000 hits from 4672 
>distinct visitors. Total downloads in that time is just over 125gig.

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