[time-nuts] Telecom Solutions DCD Cesium

Robert Lutwak Lutwak at Alum.mit.edu
Fri Mar 17 21:17:37 EST 2006

Try downloading Monitor3 from the Symmetricom WWW site:

Connect your PC to the cesium module with a null modem cable, typically 
DB-25 on the cesium end.

Start by trying either 2400-7-O-2 or 9600-7-O-2.

If that doesn't start talking, try running "Detect ComPort settings" on the 
"File->Configure Serial Port" menu.

Monitor3 should work with most of the Datum/FTS 5045/4201 cesium modules. 
The control functions don't work, but it should be able to read all the 
monitor parameters, save them, etc.


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> Hi!
> This morning a Telecom Solutions DCD Cesium landed on my lab-bench at 
> home.
> There is something wrong with it, but there should still be some time left
> on the tube according to the source. Anyway, I am looking for info (the
> manuals
> *should* be on the way, but I will not hold my breath) and especially
> anything giving away usefull info on the serial port as well as service
> info.
> Any hints and tips is welcome.
> In the meanwhile I am figuring out how to solve the 48V problem, but I 
> have
> a cludge available.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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