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>> Still looking for information on the old Datametrics clock I have
>> acquired.
>> The way this unit has been assembled I'm not looking forward to
>> reverse engineering it!
>> Pictures here-
>> http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~tractorb/datametrics/
>> Regards
>> Dave Brown,
>> Christchurch, NZ
> Dave,
> That's a very nice-looking clock. Do you happen to
> also have a top view of it? I don't have a manual for
> this model - but have you already tried the usual list
> of things to get it going? With its age but superb
> condition it's hard to imagine there's too much broken.
> /tvb
> http://www.LeapSecond.com

 Added more pix of the innards this afternoon.
If you have any info on apparently similar units, Tom, I'm interested.
Not clear on whether I need to feed this any more than the 1 MHz 
standard to make it run-which may be some time yet, depending on what 
I find when I start digging inside.

 DaveB, NZ

d be interewsted 

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