[time-nuts] ...Your thoughts on the Trimble Resolution T?

Normand Martel martelno at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 30 22:10:16 EST 2006

Well, thanks for the advice!

...And also one other convincing (at least for me)

The M12+ has a choice of either a 1PPS precise signal
or a 100PPS precise signal. For my application (GPS
disciplined frequency standard), the 100PPS option
will surely help settle the frequency for the few
seconds after turn-on/reacquisition.

But i saw a line, i'm not sure about:

(specs for the M12M, the replacement (starting july
2006) of the M12+

Timing accuracy:

Performance using clock granularity message:

  Better than 2ns, 1 sigma
  Better than 6ns, 6 sigma

Performance NOT using clock granularity message:

  Better than 10ns, 1 sigma
  Better than 20ns, 6 sigma

What's that clock granularity message?

For me, It looks like a message telling the actual
error of one particular 1PPs pulse. Does it sound

And also, how do i know or decide the actual error
range (1 / 6 sigma)

Thanks all!

--- SAIDJACK at aol.com wrote:

> From the leapsecond.com website, it seems the
> Trimble gets 2.15E-011 at  
> 1000s intervalls.
> The M12+ achieves 2.9E-012 at 1000s intervalls.
> The M12+ is speced at 10ns 1-Sigma, the Trimble
> seems to be 15ns at  1-Sigma.
> There is an M12+ follow-up modell comming soon which
> is even better  than 
> this data.
> Then there are the curious spikes that
> leapsecond.com mentions...
> Seems the Trimble is significantly worse than the
> Motorola GPS?
> bye,
> SJ
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