[time-nuts] ...Your thoughts on the Trimble Resolution T?

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Fri Mar 31 08:40:20 EST 2006

You can find M12+ sawtooth information and plots at:

Also, here is a nice graph comparing the 1 PPS error
of 4 GPS receivers:

Dark blue is a Motorola Oncore VP with approximately
+/- 50 ns of jitter; 30 ns rms.

Pink is a Motorola M12+, 10 ns rms.

Yellow is a Motorola M12+ with hardware (or software)
sawtooth correction; 6 ns rms.

Green is an HP SmartClock (58503B) with 1.3 ns rms.
Note however that although the short-term jitter is less
there appears to be more wander of the phase mid-term
(typical of a GPSDO).

So in the end, for long-term 1 PPS timing use, I found
the M12+ with sawtooth correction more stable than the
other GPS receivers, including a GPSDO.


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