[time-nuts] Old DOS Oncore Program for 6-12 channel receivers

Randy Warner Randy at synergy-gps.com
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Actually, we try to, but some have just not ever made it, like the old
DOS controller. On the "new" website (which should open any day now)
there will be a lot more info and it should be easier to navigate. URL
will remain the same.

The ancient stuff will have to be used with the caveat that I can't
spend time helping people work with it as I have lots of other things to
do helping customers with the current software and hardware. It's really
fun now that I am supporting Motorola/i-Lotus GPS, Sony GPS, Kyocera
CDMA modems, and Siemens GSM/EDGE modems.

I have attached v11 of the DOS Controller. I hope it makes it through
everybody's firewall and anti-virus programs ;-) You need to add the
"exe" extension to it to make it run. It is self extracting. This
version supports 6, 8, and 12 channel receivers.

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> In my previous post I forgot to mention that we still have the old DOS

> based GPS Controller program if that would help. Let me know and I can

> shoot you a copy (or I could post it to the list if there is interest.
> It's a small file.)
> Randy


Unless there's a reason Synergy doesn't want you to, it would be useful
for us if you hosted all the Oncore related tools, ancient or modern, on
some page of your web site. I wouldn't normally ask a vendor to do this,
but you and Art have been part of this amateur GPS and time-nuts
community for ten years.


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