[time-nuts] M12+ Temp sensitivity

Normand Martel martelno at yahoo.com
Tue May 2 22:13:09 EDT 2006

I may be the 259th to ask you, but do you have a date
when the new M12M will be officially available?

I almost have bought a "Resolution T" a few weeks ago
when i heard about the M12+ and it's successor, the
M12M. Now i'm waiting! Well... I know...  this is a
forum about time... ;-)

Have a good day!

73 de Normand Martel VE2UM
Montreal, Canada
...Too bad! The Habs have lost against Canes!


>Hey! Whaddya mean CHEAP? The marketing guys call it
>feature laden and cost effective!

>Anyway, you're right. The M12+ is extremely sensitive
to environmental
>stimuli. On our receiver/adapter board assemblies I
actually include a
>piece of foam tape between the two boards that gives
the crystal
>(crystal, not TCXO) some isolation from the outside
world. The old
>original M12's actually worked better in this respect
because they were
>in a normal crystal can which lengthened the thermal
time constant
>enough that temperature perturbations weren't a
problem. The SMD Rakon
>crystal used by current M12+'s just doesn't have any
sense of humor
>when it comes to temperature changes.

>The new M12M's DO HAVE a Rakon TCXO and are a lot
>insensitive than the M12+'s. 


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