[time-nuts] GPS timing recievers and INTERFERENCE

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Tue May 2 22:29:13 EDT 2006

Welcome to the list, z3066384.

> Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between a STANDARD GPS
> and a GPS TIMING receiver.

Often what is meant by a standard GPS receiver is
one that is optimized for position (lat,lon,alt). This is
what one would want on a hike, or in a car, boat, or
plane. Or laptop, or cell phone, etc. These often have
graphical displays or provide dynamic position data
over a serial interface to host software.

A GPS timing receiver, on the other hand, is one that
is optimized for precise timing. The key feature here
is the existence of, and the quality of, the 1 PPS timing
pulse. The less jitter the better; the closer to the GPS
or UTC epoch the better. The receiver, or at least the
GPS antenna, is at a fixed location so the receiver
solves for time only rather than position.

> Also I am final year student and doing a thesis on.
> "Effects of Interference(CW) on GPS timing receivers in CDMA networks"
> At this stage I am mainly interested on what will happen to the timing
> itself when effected by CW interference and the next stage will be to find
> how this will effect the CDMA network.

You should find vast amounts of information on this
subject in conference proceedings, such as ION(GPS),
magazines such a GPS World, or on high-end GPS
receiver and antenna vendor sites. I'm pretty sure the
subject has been covered for the past 5 or 10 years.

Will this be a reading only project or do you plan to
put some GPS gear together and do some cool

> if anyone can provide me with information related to this topic or has a
> suitable text or web pages they can suggest it will be much appreciated.

Hopefully you will search much deeper than what you
find through google for this project.


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