[time-nuts] M12+ Temp sensitivity

Randy Warner Randy at synergy-gps.com
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We whined about the lack of a shield over the RF section as soon as the
first M12 appeared. It all came down to the face that Motorola's "big"
customers didn't want to pay the extra .50 for the shield. This is why I
designed the shield can. It's kind of an ugly solution, but it allows
the receiver to work better in environments containing RFI and
temperature variations. If you want to have some fun, put an M12+ in an
enclosure with a thermostatically controlled fan..... Wheeeeeeeee....


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Hi Randy,
It's a feature, of course :)
I wish the marketing guys would have added the <$1 cost for the
top/bottom metal can over the crystal and RF circuits (the layout
engineer  certainly wanted it and added the footprint to the PCB:) -
like the old  UT+'s etc.
We all can't wait to see the M12M's come to market...
I wonder if anyone has ever tried to replace the (discrete) VCTCXO
ciruitry on the M12+ with an external OCXO?
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