[time-nuts] GPS WASS PRN#38(#51) Operational?

Don Mimlitch donmeis at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 22:45:52 EDT 2006

I've been Monitoring WAAS Satellite NMEA ID #38 (ANIK) for the last month. It has been broadcasting a signal on the last two Weekends but my Garmin 17HVS refuses to use it. Tonight 2006/05/03 I noticed that another satelight NMEA #51 was sending a signal and my GARMIN was reporting  Differential Mode. More investigation of the NMEA Messages showed it had the same Coordinates as #38. I appears that #38 is currently Operational as #51. Has anyone heard anything about this?

I know it was supposed to be activated in the Fall of 2006 and I was getting WAAS Differential Signals from #38 for a short period in March.  

I just found this interesting and wonder what others know about it.

Don Mimlitch
donmeis at yahoo.com

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