[time-nuts] GPS Selective Availability. Is it On or Off?

John Day johnday at wordsnimages.com
Wed May 3 23:50:49 EDT 2006

Well, thanks for the offer! I am happy to put any manuals there - I 
own the server and it sits in a rather large data-centre with a HUGE fat pipe!

However, I haven't made any provision for uploading. I am a little 
hesitant as I could get all sorts of undesirable material 
uploaded  and clogging up my drives. If you have something you want 
to post you can email it to me (I can receive unlimited attachment 
size, remember, I own the server!) Or drop me a line and we can 
arrange to get it and upload it.

As a matter of interest, last month we served up 40.235gb of data 
from nm2.org, up from 29gb in March and 7.48gb in February. The 
previous high was 24.43gb in December 2005.

You can reach me at: johnday #AT# wordsnimages #DOT# com


At 10:20 PM 5/3/2006, Normand Martel wrote:
>By simple curiosity (I heard somewhere that curiosity
>was a sign of intelligence... ;-) ) i went to the URL
>I discovered a real treasure on this site! MANY
>Hewlett-Packard/Agilent manual PDF's available!!!
>Thanks a lot! How can i upload HP/Agt manuals if i
>find some? I would be happy to contribute.
>Have a good day!
>Normand Martel
>Montreal, Qc. Canada
> >Robs briefing file saasm coml brfg 7-04.pdf (very
> >actually!) can now be found at:
> >http://nm2.org/files/saasm coml brfg 7-04.pdf
> >Anyone else in the group with files or manuals that
>need hosting can
> >let me know and I will put the files there. The only
>thing at nm2.org
> >right now is files and manuals for this group and the
> >equipment group. Last month a mere 2.2gb of data was
> >which is in fact only about 1% of the transfers on
>that particular
> >machine - so I am quite happy to maintain it.
> >Since June 2005 when I started hosting the manuals
>there has
> >been  43,602 completed downloads from over 130,000
>hits from 4672
> >distinct visitors. Total downloads in that time is
>just over 125gig.
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