[time-nuts] GPS WAAS PRN#38(#51) Operational?

Don Mimlitch donmeis at yahoo.com
Thu May 4 13:41:27 EDT 2006


WAAS Satellite #38 was launched last September to be operational this Fall.
It is at Longitude 107.3W (in the Pacific and along with #48 which was 
launched in October are to make up for the loss of #35 for the North East.
My location is in Connecticut.

My GPS unit, a Garmin 17HVS, scans all the PRN's from #31 to #53 looking
for a signal. I have occasionally gotten a signal from #38 at about 45Db,
but as soon as the receive saw the signal it immediate moved on to the 
next Satellite. I think for a while the FAA has been testing this satellite
on the weekends but is sending some message to tell the GPS to disregard it.

Last night it found a signal for #51 with the same coordinates
but displayed the signal strength as around 45Db 
but displayed as Gray indicating not locked. 
However it did not ignore
it and started using the Differential information from it.
I believe they are still testing #38 and for some reason
changed it to broadcast a PRN of #51.

I'll keep you informed if it stays active or if they turn
it off again.

Don Mimlitch
donmeis at yahoo.com

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>Don Mimlitch,
>Your email is most interesting.  My GPS76 receiver shows PRN#35, which 
>moved West from its position over the Atlantic, but no PRN#38 or #51.  
>are the positions of these two WAAS satellites.  How are you monitoring 
>your 17HVS refuses acquisition?
>The reason I am interested is because I was working on constructing a 
>codeless receiver for WAAS until PRN#35 was moved to a position where 
>it is 
>blocked from view at my location (Yorktown, VA).
>John Franke

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