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Certainly true. The UT+ is programmable so that you can disable the 1PPS
altogether, disable it if TRAIM fails, or disable it if the receiver is
not tracking at least one satellite. The default condition is for the
1PPS to be on all the time. Many systems require that the 1PPS stay on
when satellite tracking has been lost because the 1PPS may trigger
another event that must not be interrupted. In that case the systems
continues to process data, but they also note that the 1PPS error flag
is has been raised in the output messages. How you use it is totally up
to you.



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> I'd like to put an LED near the Oncore module that blinks on the 1pps.
>  What's the best way to wire this up? 

Some GPS boxes turn off the PPS signal when they don't have enough good

For those, a PIC works well as a LED driver:  on solid when PPS is
flapping, blinking when PPS is not changing, off when there is no power.

Obviously you can use your favorite tiny CPU.  I happened to have a PIC
programmer handy.

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