[time-nuts] Motorola GPS models

Glenn glenn at net127.com
Fri May 5 09:18:20 EDT 2006

RWarner at synergy-gps.com writes:

The [UT+] receivers with a P/N that ends with a "2" have v2.2 firmware

The last "1" means it has a right angle antenna connector. (On the UT+)

I think the first "2" means it has an on-board lithium battery.

The first "3" might refer to the GT series. I have a UT+, which is 
(straight ANT connector, no battery)

Hope this helps.


Dave Brown wrote:

>I have an R3211G1112 here that is apparently a GT Plus.  Can someone 
>translate to what options this has?
>DaveB, NZ 

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